A picture book that is having a significant educational impact in the area of reconciliation.

Adam Goodes and Michael O'Loughlin talk about Stories for Simon

Stories for Simon is an important and illuminating picture book which helps to explain the Stolen Generations to young readers.


Endorsement from Adam Goodes, Australian of the Year 2014

"We're all equal partners in shaping a great future for all Australians.  This book makes a meaningful contribution to that future by shining a light on the Stolen Generations, showing the value and power of saying sorry and creating a vision for the brightest possible future.  Every Australian child should read this book and share it with their parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. Hopefully it will be the start of many important conversations that will forge greater understanding and ultimately contribute to a more harmonious country."  
Adam Goodes, Australian of the Year 2014

Michael O'Loughlin, Ambassador for Indigenous Literacy

"Education is the key for our mob to continue to move forward and this book will help people, young and old, to better understand our culture and our past." 

Suzy Wilson, Founder of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

"If we want our libraries to contain books that represent our history and culture, then we need more books like Stories for Simon. This book is an important and welcome addition to school libraries and bookshelves everywhere. It will provoke important conversations between parents and children, in classrooms and throughout the community." Suzy Wilson, Founder of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Vic Simms, Bidjigal Elder, La Perouse

"This story speaks of love and understanding and the coming together of two cultures.  Unless this meeting of cultures starts in children's minds, we can never have true reconciliation.  I believe this book will generate interest, understanding and reconciliation for the future, starting with the minds of children and by telling a story that is seen through their innocent eyes."  Vic Simms, Bidjigal elder